Improving moderator skills


Improving presentation and moderator skills needed for an effective (lean) training or kaizen event, with the method of experimental learning. Communication skill development.

"There is neither good, nor bad. Our thoughts make it so."


The presentation training - which is useful especially for leaders and internal lean specialists - improves basic communication skills (speech, meta-communication, rhetorical elements, etc) as well as the knowledge needed to compose training blocks (opening, closing, using analogies and evidences, etc). In addition to the above it also improves moderator skills (to create interactivity, usage of questions, group dynamics, appoint tasks, etc). 



Improving communication skills - for the efficient solution of the below situations:

  • Trainings, courses
  • Moderation of events, kaizens
  • Representation of lean thinking in the organization
  • Communication with leaders in different departments, persuasion
  • Presentations
  • Implementation of changes, handling of objections
  • "Selling" lean results for the management, acquire commitment


Context of the training:

  • 6 - 10 participants
  • Principle of gradation, 6-7 "steps"
  • Real, corporate-themed presentations
  • Video control
  • Review in private - personal feedbacks, coaching
  • Concentric development
  • Experimental learning
  • 2x2 or 3 days
  • 2 consultants, trainers


Components of an effective presentation, training:

Main areasSkills to develop, methodological tools
Contents Building blocks - transitions - opening, closing techniques, other rhetorical elements - determination and timing of key messages - using analogies - summaries - preparation
Interactivity Questions - eye contact - using names - working in groups - appoint tasks - using the "podium" - visual aids
Dynamics Speech rhythm - volume - breaks - emphasis (end of sentence) - tone - group and individual exercises - movement during speech - gestures
Mood Using humor - own stories - visualization - demonstration - using visual aids - improvisational skills - excerpts, videos

Own stories - examples, photos, case studies - conflict management - tools of persuasion - improvisational skills - data, facts, referencing


Related topics: Internal consultant training, Leadership training, Internal communication



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