Internal communication of lean activities

Lean communication

Appropriate communication of a successful lean implementation or "selling" the idea to the organization, from the starting decision till the phase of institutionalization.

It is important that the results achieved, the experiences gained through the introduction of lean shall be communicated appropriately within the organization. An internal campaign can support the acceptance of lean, increase the openness of the staff members to accepting the changes and an even more important: the sustainment of the reached results.  

Belső kommunikáció üzenetA characteristic of organizational culture is that without appropriate communication it will not allow the implementation of changes in the long-term. During development of a communication strategy it is important to consider the actual phase of the change management process. Management should transmit completely different messages at the starting decision than - after six months - at the first results.

The process-model to soften opposition separates five different stages of change implementation:

  1. Starting decision about implementing a new technology (lean thinking)
  2. Familiarization phase
  3. Implementation period
  4. First experiences (first results)
  5. Institutionalization

When determining the communication strategy it is worth to consider at each stage what messages the management would like to transfer to each company target groups, what questions should be clarified and what issues could be raised by members of the organization. Answering all these questions effectively reduces the level of resistance.

When designing lean internal communication we need to determine:

  • The internal target groups
  • The content of the messages
  • The channels, means of communication
  • The schedule of providing information
  • The responsibility of the leaders for conserving the authenticity


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