Daily maintenance


TPM means Total Productive Maintenance. The quality, conscious maintenance of machines and equipment; breaking down the tasks by shift, at a daily, weekly, monthly and annual level; as a result of which recurring machine failures are eliminated, the time spent on production increases.

„many a little makes a mickle”

TPM tábla

The goal is to reach such machine conditions which supports the introduction and sustainment of processes according to lean principles.

TPM introduction is needed if…

  • Low availability of machines
  • Frequent downtimes
  • High scrap rate
  • Long changeover times

TPM alkalmazásTPM autóiparAvailability, the problem

A constant problem with all production or service equipment is: availability. Overtimes and extra inventories are used to protect against „bad", constantly failing machines, in order to keep up the appearance of the continuity of production.

In a Lean organization TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) ensures that the operation of the machines represents a long-term way of thinking, and that the maintenance steps required for this are performed as thoroughly as possible, with the lowest possible expenditure.

Potential results:

Machine availability: + 10–30%
Repetitive machine breaks are eliminated
Increased production time

Main fields of effect of TPMCourse of the TPM Event Lean tool, method
  1. Processing of failure statistics
Pareto, Fishbone
  1. Changeover times and scrap rates
Pareto, Fishbone
WIP inventory
  1. Selection of key areas
Brainstorming, TPM principles
Product quality
  1. List of parts to be maintained
Changeover times
  1. Determination of the frequency and content of maintenance
Standard work instructions
Standard processes
  1. Definition of measurements
  1. Documentation and training
Standard work instructions

Misconceptions about TPM:

It does not improve bad machine design

On the whole more time has to be spent on maintenance

It often involves the purchase of tools, equipment

It is necessary to observe the maintenance standards and to have them observed

TPM can be applied not only to new machines in good condition

Even TPM cannot work miracles on a totally "worn" machine

- what does not solve?
- what resources does it require?
- what costs does it involve?


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