Development of Standard Work

Standard Work

The development of the clear scope of responsibilities, the accurate determination of delivery points and the course of the work; the supply of the required tools, the elimination of the unnecessary work phases. Importancy of the (lean) management: regular reporting for the purpose of further improvement.
szabványos munka - precíz működés

The aim of the development of Standard Work (uniform, standardized work) is to eliminate the unnecessary work contents, to spread the best practices and to standardize the work process.szabványos munka, csapatjáték

The development of a uniform work process is needed if

  • the performance of the different shifts is different
  • the distribution of work contents is uneven
  • the output quantities are fluctuating
  • the training of new colleagues is difficult.

szabványos munka pontos működésThe above „symptoms" are usually the consequences of different working habits, they mean that the work processes exist only in the „heads". The workers do not have a proper standard to perform uniformly and in an appropriate quality.

In our experience, as a result of the application of Standard Work, the work load of the individual workers becomes balanced, productivity is stabilized at the highest possible level, the quality is improved and the WIP inventory level is reduced. On the service areas the response time becomes shorter and efficiency is improved.





Fields of effect of Standard WorkCourse of the SW eventLean tool, method
Changeover times
  1. Familiarization with the current work process
WIP inventories
  1. Elimination of the non-value-adding steps
Basic lean principles,
spaghetti diagram
Standard changeover process
  1. Planning of a lean work process
6S, time analysis, 5M
Product quality
  1. Performance of hte required modifications on the working tools, conditions
Lead time
  1. Testing, fine-tuning
6S indexes, visuality
  1. Documentation of the new process
Standard work instructions
  1. Training
Standard work instructions


 It is not about overworking the employees

 There will always be differences between individual workers (<10%)

 It does not solve the design problems of the machines

 Empoyees have to be supplied with the proper tools

 The standards have to be controlled regularly

 Occasionally it may require significant conversions of the machines

Misconceptions about SW,


  • what does it solve?
  • what resources does it require?
  • what cost does it involve?




Realted lean tools:

6S, Cell building, Pull, Kanban 

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