First steps in the introduction process of lean

Value Stream

Value stream mapping is the sum of processes by which we illustrate our processes and their distance from the real customer needs. Based on the latter and lean thinking we plan our future operation, products and services.

As the first step of the introduction of lean, we need to have a detailed picture (map) of our processes, supported by data and information. By applying the tool in several steps, we map the current situation, and also what lean tools and how are required for the development of our processes.

There are three types of Value Stream Maps:

Jelen állapot térkép VSA


The main aim of creating a Current State Map is to determine the real lead time of a company process (production, logistic or administrative), to establish the ratio of value-adding versus non-value-adding activities, and to identify the sources of waste and reserves. During the creation of the map we also examine the inventory waiting between individual operations of the given process (WIP), the flow of information, the manual and machine cycle times, and the changeover times.


Ideális állapot térkép  VSA


An Ideal State Map shows a perfect state, a process free of limitations, restrictions, sources of waste. During its creation we can really let our fantasy run free and we can imagine what could happen if all the resources and potentials that we could possibly need would be at our disposal.

(It is not created in every case.)


Jövő állapot térkép VSA


A Future State Map is on a timeline between the Current State Map and the Ideal State Map, nevertheless this map is the last one to be created. It shows the actually planned future state of our process, with fewer sources of waste, lower inventories and shorter lead times. It is based on the Current State Map, and it is usually created looking half a year – one year into the future.


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