Development of visual management and order

6S Application

Usually implementing 6S is the first step of a lean deployment, which can bring quick and visual results in production. It is originated from Japan as 5S and the abbreviation stands for the orderliness, visuality and standardization process of an area.

Application of 6S is necessary if you experience that ...6S rendezett kialakítás

  • It takes several days to „set” the company „in order” before a management/customer visit or audit
  • A lot of time is wasted by looking for tools
  • High number of workplace accidents
  • Unfound tools, parts regularly turn up in multiples later on
  • The training of a worker lasts for too long

The direct effect of the application of 6S is difficult to measure in terms of production figures, the most objective feedback on the success of application is given by the 6S audit form. In our experience, the efficient introduction of 6S can result in a 10-15% increase in productivity in the long term.

Irodai 6SIts long-term results are a change in the attitude of the employees, the development of their demand for a work environment set in order, and as a result, the improvement of the quality of their work.

The simple and relatively quick implementation of the steps can have a positive effect on the further application of Lean methods. This method is differentiated from simple „tidying up” and „cleaning” by awareness, as well as systemization and standardization. 

The most difficult part of the process is to sustain.

Under Lean training / 6S workshop you will find the course of the 6S workshop.


If we get bogged down with the floor signs, we miss the point
The first 6S action may require considerable human resources
The perfect workstation is not an empty workstation
The first „S” does not necessarily mean that things should be thrown away. „Remove things that do not belong there” - that is, they may belong somewhere else
A transparent, visual, safe work area shall be established, not a museum
It does not work without the participation, support of employees, and control and example shown by the management

Misconceptions about the 6S methodology:


  • What does it not solve?
  • What resources does it require?
  • What costs does it involve?




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6S alkalmazás, vizuálmenedzsment


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